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The DS GRS is an ideal wedge-shaped slip-ring with a wide installation face. The seal combines an easy and secure pipe mountability with highest possible tightness security.

DS Ring M

DS ring M is a sealing ring made from elastomers with dense structure for the permanent sealing of the compounds of socket pipes made of concrete and reinforced concrete.

DS IGLU-Profil

The DS IGLU-Profile made of elastomers with closed cellular structure is a pre-mounted inner seal for the butt joint of jacking pipes.


The DS Block-Profile made of elastomers with closed cellular structure is for the seal of water infiltration at the steel collar of jacking pipes.


The DS NVD is a adjustable seal element which ist developed for intermediate pressure stations.


The DS PDK is an immediately checkable double slip ring for the permanent seal. The check of the pipe joint can happen while the double slip ring is mounted or later.

DS LK2L - Slip Ring

The DS slipping ring LK 2L is a slip ring seal with increased tightness security and heightened heavy bearing pressure.


The DS KRP is a front seal for counter tensed pipe systems with non rotationally symmetrical cross sections like for example box culverts, egg-shaped and horse-shoe as well as plate structures.

Range of Accessoires

DS Lubricant

DS lubricant is specially designed for DS seals when used in pipes and manhole components made of concrete.

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